When exactly should we call a plumber immediately? The answer might seem obvious, but it isn’t really. Most people call the plumbers well after the problem has become an even bigger problem, and they end up paying in time and money. Some plumbing problems can be hazardous to health as well and needs the immediate attention of professional plumbers who can fix it. Let’s discuss some of the most urgent plumbing problems other than the obvious ones:


  • When you can Smell Gas


Unfortunately, smelling gas in the house doesn’t put any of us on high alert as it should. When you or anyone in your house smells gas, it should never be dismissed as paranoia. Natural gas is purposefully given scent for this very reason – to detect leakage. If you can smell the gas, it means it is out and about and leaking from the pipes. To deal with the emergency first, call a plumber immediately and then call your gas company so they can shut off the main supply until the problem is treated. While you’re waiting for your plumber to arrive, turn off all the appliances in the house to avoid any damage. Also, warn everyone off about fire sources. A candle, a matchstick, and even a spark from the toaster can lead to a gas explosion.


  • When You Can Smell Sewage Water


You must call an emergency plumber as soon as getting a whiff of an unpleasant sewage smell from the faucets or the drain. This is a sign for you to take action because the next thing you know, your toilet, drains, sinks, and shower would be spewing sewage water. Not only would you be unable to use your bathroom and sink, but you’d also be unable to spend even a second in your house. In addition to the overwhelming smell, the dirty water can leak well past your bathroom and into your rooms. To save yourself from all the trouble, call a Halifax plumbing company immediately.


  • When You Feel Low Water Pressure


Experiencing low water pressure is another problem that most of us dismiss quite easily. That’s a big mistake. Low water pressure is when only a trickle of water comes from the faucet when otherwise, it would gush. This problem is most likely related to your municipal water supply. However, it can also be due to the buildup of sediments in your faucet aerators. The scariest reason behind low water pressure could be a break or leak in the pipes bringing water to your home. If this problem is ignored for a long time, it can severely damage the foundation and infrastructure of your property and reduce its value, in addition to causing you a huge expense.


  • When You Aren’t Getting Any Hot Water (or getting too much of it)


It isn’t normal at all to have to wait for hours for hot water, especially if no one has taken a shower before. This calls for an immediate call to the plumber or someone in the family is likely to take a cold shower on a winter morning, and get sick. This is a sign that your water heater is malfunctioning.

Sometimes, the problem could be the small tank size in your house. Even then, a plumber can help you find the right size that will give you hot water immediately and make your life comfortable. Another problem is the water heater could be the temperature fluctuations. In this case, you can end up getting scalding hot water in the shower, which can burn you. Call a professional plumber and have them inspect your water heating system and its igniters, thermostats, fuses, pipes, etc.


  • When Your Water Heater Is Dripping Sweat


A slow and steady leak in the pipe can cause the water heater to sweat or weep. You’d even notice the ground near the water heater a little damp. Delaying calling the plumber for this problem can cause a huge expense later. As a bonus, you’ll end up getting a free inspection of gas leakage.


  • When You Notice a Rapid Water Supply Line Leak


A rapid water leak can quickly lead to bursts in the line, which can then cause flooding of epic proportions in your house. To avoid paying for the damage of all your furniture and carpet, call a plumber immediately. While you are waiting for your plumber to arrive, locate cut-off valves or the main shut-off valve and turn it off.

Now that you know which problem requires the immediate attention of a plumber in Halifax, make sure you have one on your speed dial whenever the need arises.