What Is a Sewer Camera Inspection?

Essentially, a camera line is passed through the waste pipes by a plumbing company or a professional. The video will usually extend down the branch lines, or through the home’s sewer line. This is typically a larger pipe the goes from the house and to the sewer line on the street (Municipal).

Plumbing and Sewer Camera Inspection Cost

There are hundreds of feet of hidden plumbing under your property. You would search into the plumbing pipe if anything goes wrong. An assessment is what a sewage scope is. It entails the use of a camera to look down your drain line and assess its state. This service is often used by homeowners to determine the source of leaks or clogs, or as part of a real estate sale.

According to Homeadvisor, A sewer video inspection will cost anywhere from $250 to $1,180, with the average cost being $685. Depending on the situation, the sum could range from $100 to $1,200. For this facility, most professionals charge a flat fee. If you need extra work as a result, a professional plumber may be hired for $45 to $150 per hour.

What Can Impact the cost of a Plumbing Inspection?

The average expense of a plumbing inspection is determined by the method of inspection, whether the sewer pipe is inspected, and whether it is part of a broader home inspection. Inspection Types include: A visual inspection, a video inspection, or a combination of both may be performed on a home plumbing inspection.

Consult with a Licensed Plumber for Your Sewer Scope Inspection

Why Do You Get a Sewer Video Inspection? A sewer scope can reduce extra costs when used as part of routine maintenance or repair. If the plumber has located the blockage or cause of harm, he or she may use the camera’s transmitter to pinpoint its exact location on the property. This detail reduces the amount of excavation required by the plumber, allowing the repairs to be completed faster and with less damage to your landscaping.

What are the reasons to get a Drain Camera Inspection?

A Stubborn Clogged Drain Line

Depending on the depth of the clog, clearing a drain will cost anything from $130 to $290. If plumbers are unable to find the blockage by cleaning out the P-trap or running a snake down the line, a sewer camera inspection can be needed.

If Your Drains Clog Frequently

If your drains clog often, you most likely have an underlying problem that needs to be fixed. A camera inspection helps the plumber to spot problem areas in the plumbing (such as tree roots) and provides expert guidance about how to resolve any problems.

According to Plumbing Today, If you’re having some of the problems mentioned above, your mind has most likely already drifted back to the price issue. So, let’s take a closer look at how much you could be charged for this service.

If You’re Buying a New Home

Up until their sewage lines merge with the city’s main sewer line, homeowners are responsible for their sewer lines. But here’s the thing: regular home checks don’t provide a look at the piping system in the house.

So, if you’re a wise home buyer, you’ll pay for a sewer line inspection so you can make an informed decision on whether or not to purchase a home. Some common piping issues that could be expensive headaches include:

Broken or Damaged Pipes

An inspection with a plumbing camera pinpoints the exact position of any missing, bent, or destroyed sections. Over time, older pipework is vulnerable to breakage. You do not realize the plumbing needs to be repaired if there are no visible signs of a blockage or leak.

Foreign Object Sewer Penetration (Rocks/Roots)

A drain line break can cost about $600 to repair, so you must know where it is. Rocks, tree roots,  and other things will clog the pipes over time. When a pipe breaks or separates from the line, it must be repaired as soon as possible. The longer your plumbing lies, the more likely it is to be disrupted.

How Far Will the Drain Camera Inspection Reach?

Even if you have hundreds of feet of plumbing/pipes under your property, the camera will only go about 100 feet. The plumber will choose the most appropriate drain for the job. Professionals operate the system before they find the root of the problem or hit the end of the private sewage line linking your home to the municipal sewer pipe.

How Much Does a Sewer Camera Inspection Cost in Halifax?

In Halifax, a comprehensive sewer inspection will cost anything between $350 and $800. However, the average price is about $575. Any plumbers charge a fixed flat rate for the work, but the majority charge based on a variety of factors.

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