Seemingly, they are just a small part of our house but bathrooms can make a big impact on our day to day lives. A warm bath after a long day can be heaven, and a glamorous skincare routine every morning can set the pace for the rest of the day. However, a small bathroom can make this a little less appealing and a lot less efficient. Hold on a second, just because you have a small bathroom doesn’t mean you have to uproot your entire life and move to a new house. There’s a better solution to this problem. All you need to do is get your bathroom remodeled and follow all the strategic design tricks to make it appear bigger.

Keep reading to learn more about these clever tips:


1. Pick only the Light and Bright Shades


Dark colors make a space look tiny and crowded. To make your bathroom appear large and expansive, choose light and bright hues. Some of the most effective choices are soft mint-green, dusty blue, sage green, off-white, and light grey. All these colors have a clean bright appearance to them, and they reflect the light from the windows, making the room look more open and spacious. If you are opting for wallpapers, choose pastel colors and breezy patterns to achieve that open airy décor.


2. Trickery of height 


You can’t stretch the bathroom horizontally to make it look bigger unless of course, you take down the walls. A much more cost and time-efficient method is to make your bathroom appear bigger by visually raising the ceiling. Give your bathroom an illusion of height by replacing large crown moldings with narrower ones. Use the same tiles as the walls, up to the ceiling to give it a seamless appearance, and remove the lines that separate the ceiling from the wall and make the room a limitation. Another trick is to remove all the suspended ceiling fixtures that hang down and make the bathroom appear even smaller. Use recessed lightings and wall sconces to blur the line between the walls and the ceilings.


3. Use a Large Mirror 


This is a text-book trick to make a room appear bigger, but not everyone remembers it during bathroom remodeling. Fixing a huge frameless mirror that goes wall-to-wall is a foolproof trick to make your bathroom appear large and spacious. If this bathroom has a window with great natural light coming in, you’d be even more surprised to see your bathroom all open and airy, despite its small size.


4. Lots of Light 


You can’t rely on one light in the center of the ceiling to make your bathroom appear bigger. Flooding the bathroom with light with multiple light sources all along the walls will open up space. Extra lights by the corners and recesses would be even more effective. One method to emphasize the height of the bathroom is to use long hanging pendant lights.


5. Hide What You Can


Counter and vanity take ample space and all the clutter makes your bathroom appear smaller than it is. To avoid cramping and make your bathroom appear spacious and open, hide things behind sliding mirrors. Skip the counter entirely and stick close to the walls. If you need to have a vanity, go for compact vanities that can store all the necessities without taking much space.


6. Don’t Be Heavy-Handed with The Décor 


You can make your small bathrooms appear warm and cozy by adding huge paintings, decorative accessories, and rugs. However, ornamentations can also end up making your bathroom appear tiny with its clutter. Go easy with the décor and choose light and delicate accessories. Believe in the less is more philosophy.


7. Bring Long Lines 


If your bathroom has a very small ground space, or when it is oddly shaped, find the longest wall in the bathroom and emphasize it. The trick is to bring long lines, such as a linear shelf on the wall, a vertical painting, a band of tile, or a stripe of paint. Even a rug with a linear print can make your bathroom appear larger than it is.


8. Glass Walls and Panels 


You don’t need any visual walls in your already small bathroom. Remove the shower curtains and install glass panels instead, this will allow the entire space of your bathroom to be visible at once.

If you are considering getting your small bathroom remodeled, make sure you have all the tricks up your sleeves to make it appear large and spacious.


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