How Often Should Drain Pipes Be Inspected

Your drains may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you begin cleaning your home, however, they should be. The typical homeowner allows days to pass, weeks, months, and years to pass, without paying attention to the sewage pipes until something goes wrong. For this article, we will touch on the importance of why clean drains are pivotal to the overall health of your water system. Not only can slow drains that are clogged disrupt your otherwise pleasant existence, but filthy drains can also produce odors you’d rather not worry about.

Sewer problems are unpleasant: they are dirty, smelly (sewer odor), and can be harmful to your health because water contains bacteria and toxins. Many of the issues we encounter when restoring a sewer could have been eliminated if the sewer had been properly inspected and maintained. This isn’t really getting into the state of the water supply’s cleanliness. Since you can’t see the pipes, you should have them cleaned at least once a year to be on the safe side.

Halifax Plumbing Experts explains that our team’s sewer camera inspection in Halifax, NS, will be beneficial to you, while also give you some peace of mind.

What can happen to my sewer line if I don’t take good care of it?

Every single sewer line is made up of a series of pipes, each of which has a set lifespan. They become frail and unstable as they mature, and cracks and holes may occur. Certain components, such as cast iron, are susceptible to rust, which chips away at pipe walls, while others are vulnerable to tree root infiltration.

Tree roots are a major potential issue on every sewage line. The tree’s roots may find their way into the sewer line as it looks for water. They have the ideal habitat to survive in until they are in the sewage pipes, which are full of moisture and nutrients. Roots will rise and spread, clogging the pipe and putting strain on it. This form of clog can cause old pipes to crack or burst.

Another incentive to have the sewage pipes cleaned on a regular basis is to avoid clogs. Soap, skin flakes, and hair from toilets, as well as food bits and grease, flushed down the kitchen sink, will all adhere to the sewer pipes and cause a sewer line clog. The water flow will slow at first, but as more sediment clings to the clog and builds up, the channel will become completely obstructed, and no amount of chemical cleaner you pour or how deep you dive will be able to clear this blockage without employing a professional plumber.

Consider an Inspection if You Are Experiencing Slow Drainage

While a yearly inspection is a good rule of thumb to follow, if the water is draining any slower than normal, you can call a licensed plumber. You may want to look at sewer line inspection services to see what’s going on. It could be a minor issue that can be remedied with washing, or it could be a sign of a more serious issue.

Warning signs you need your sewer line cleaned

How Often Should Drain Pipes Be Inspected

Back-up of raw sewage into the sink, bathroom, or bathtub pipes are making gurgling noises. In the basement, there is water across the floor drain. When you use the laundry machine, water backs up in the bathroom or bathtub.

  • Multiple drains clogged simultaneously.
  • Recurring clogs.
  • Water Pressure is off from normal.
  • Slow drains or drains that frequently clog.
  • Sewer odors, or the smell of sewage.
  • Stained foundation from water or excess moisture.

Why are Home Plumbing Inspections Important?

Proper inspection is helpful because an experienced and reputable plumber will understand how the house operates and can detect hard-to-find problems through video inspection, as well as correct the less friendly aspects of a home plumbing system, such as leaking drain lines under the ground.

The knowledge and skills of a plumber allow them to better fix uniform plumbing code requirements, secret leaks, undue strain, and other problems that could lead to potential failures. Furthermore, certified and experienced plumbers complete work in a secure manner, protecting the home and family.

Commercial Plumbing Inspections

The integrity and dependability of your plumbing pipes need to be checked during a commercial plumbing inspection. According to Nuflo, a visual walk-through, leak monitoring, and inspecting every joint and seam to ensure they are fully installed and have no leakage are all part of most plumbing inspections. These checks can also require a camera check of the interior of your plumbing pipes to see whether there are any gaps or holes, or whether there is any corrosion, which may cause plumbing problems now or in the future. You will get a full overview of all results after the plumbing inspection so that you can prepare for existing and potential plumbing repairs.

Drain Pipe Inspection Services in Halifax

If you’re looking for a full-service plumber that can handle your drain pipe inspection in Halifax, look no further than the team at Halifax Plumbing Experts. As we mentioned during our article, a regular sewer inspection is important, and likely to help prevent the costly repair in the future. Contact us today and learn how we can help today!

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