Winter’s here in Canada and from this day on, it is only going to get colder. A lot of our day-to-day life changes with the changing season, and we have to start acclimating our homes and ourselves for the colder days. One part of our homes that ends up suffering the most is our plumbing lines. Soon enough, we’d be dealing with frozen pipes, water heater failures, damage around all the outdoor drains, severely clogged kitchen drains, and more.

That means, we’ll have some expenses on our hands. One way to make the situation less stressful is to start putting some money aside to deal with plumbing emergencies. Another way to make sure things go smoothly is to stay informed on the latest plumbing cost and keep your plumbing lines in top-notch condition, all year. The last thing you’d want is to get ripped-off in this difficult economy, because of a plumbing emergency.

To make sure that doesn’t happen, we are giving you a detailed overview of how much would a plumber cost in Canada.

The Average Plumber Cost in Canada

There are two ways in which plumbers charge their clients. It can be an hourly rate, or it can be flat rates for specific services. New and inexperienced plumbers would charge less, licensed professional plumbers would of course charge higher.

The Average Plumbing Hourly Rates in Canada

How Much Does a Plumber

According to Homestars, the average hourly rate of plumbers in Canada is anywhere between $58 to $260 per hour. An experienced, professional, and licensed plumber would charge somewhere between $110 to $170. Handymen for simple tasks would charge on a scale of $45 to $60 per hour. (Side Note: All of our halifax plumbers are licensed)

How many hours it takes to repair or install a certain feature entirely depends on what needs to be done. In many cases, the budget also exceeds when the plumber inspects and reveals that a lot more needs to be done than it was expected. A simple toilet installation can reveal broken lines and installation of new lines entirely.

Flat Rates in Canada

Like hourly rates, flat rates differ from one plumbing company to another. According to Home Advisor, simple services would require you to pay anywhere between $100-$400. The rates would be higher for the plumbing work of a more complicated nature.

Additional Plumbing Costs

The hourly costs do not include their traveling time. All plumbing companies calculate and charge their traveling time differently. Some would have a minimum number of set hours for service calls. Others would have a flat rate for the first hour, which would be higher than in the following hours. Some would charge it as a service fee and some would add a trip-free in addition to the hourly rate. In addition to hourly rates and trip charges, the cost of supplies that would be used in your home would also be charged to you. It’s imperative that you inquire about this on the call or these charges would come as a surprise or you could end up paying double. Make sure that you always get a quote in writing before getting the work done.

Easily fixable plumbing work will take less time, and hence, will cost less. More complicated repairs, such as changing the mainline or conducting an extensive cleanup of all outdoor drainages will take more time or hard labor, would cost more. Smaller tasks such as unclogging a drain or thawing frozen pipes can be taken care of by apprentices and journeyman and cost minimum charges. More complicated plumbing work, on the other hand, would require a more expert and professional plumber and would cost more.

Why Is Plumbing So Expensive in Canada?

Why is plumbing so expensive in Canada


Most of us are surprised to find out the expensive rates of plumbing work. Especially those of us, who haven’t had any plumbing work done in a long time. However, if we look into it, we’ll find that these high rates are completely justified, the true market rate is, at least.

There are numerous reasons why the plumbing work is expensive.

·We are all subconsciously aware of the first reason, even more so, if we have ever tried to fix a plumbing problem ourselves. Plumbers are trained in a highly specialized trade, a trade that took them years to master. Not to mention, it’s laborious work.

·The second reason why plumbers are expensive is that they are always available for house calls, and it costs them. They are not only bringing their trade expertise to your house, but they are bringing all the tools and equipment to your house, in a vehicle. They also have insurance and incur several overhead expenses.

·The third reason for their hefty rate is because when they are in demand, they are really in demand. You can’t live in a house with a clogged drain or a broken faucet. The simple supply and demand rule keeps their rates high.

·And lastly, plumbers are expensive because plumbing parts are expensive. Every material they’d require to fix your plumbing issue will be charged to you.

Plumber Costs in Canada For Various Installation and Repair

Now that you have a general idea of plumbing costs and why it’s so expensive, let’s discuss more specific plumbing issues and how much they can cost you on average. Here we go:

How much does unclogging drain services cost in Canada

The most common and tiresome plumbing problem during winters is that of clogged drains. While drains clog any time of the year, they’re most likely to happen in winter because they collect faster during the cold weather. Grease and oil in the drain also stiffen up due to low temperature and as a result, we end up dealing with a clogged drain.

The go-to trick is to pour hot water down the drain, but sometimes the problem is too complicated for hot water to solve. In that case, you’d need to reach out to a professional plumber.

How much does it cost for a plumber to unclog a main drain?

Well, according to the Yellowpages, depending on your location, the materials required, time of the day, and time of the week, the average cost can be anywhere between $199 – $1500.

How Much Does Cleaning Sewer Line Cost in Canada

Problems with sewer lines aren’t so easily diagnosed. When the issue is unknown, you’d need to call a plumber who’d conduct a thorough inspection by placing a camera in the drain. This camera inspection also costs somewhere between $300 to $650.

More often than not, sewer blockages are caused by tree roots and/or brittle and broken sewer pipes. In rare cases, the blockage could be a result of grease buildup. Since the sewer line is at least 6-inches in diameter, hair and minor grease build-ups are never the cause. It is only when the grease buildup is severe, does the blockage happens.

Depending on the severity of the blockage, the cleaning of the sewer line can cost around $80 to $600.

How Much Does Re-piping Your Home Cost in Canada

If you are experiencing low water pressure in your faucets, rusty colored water, and leaky pipes there’s a high chance you might need to call a plumber to re-pipe your home. To figure out how much it costs to re-pipe your home; you’d need to understand more deeply.

The need for re-piping could occur when your home is from the ’70s and fixed with galvanized water pipes. This water pipe is made of iron and coated with zinc. Over time, it wears away and the corrosion occurs in addition to the oxidation buildup. The rust begins to block water flow, change the water’s color, and start leaking.

You might also need to re-piping if your house is fixed with old polybutylene pipes. Used heavily during the ’70s, ’80s, and 90s, this pipe has a short life-span. These pipes tend to harden with water chemicals and burst open due to their brittleness.

According to House Logic, the entire process of re-piping your home can cost you within the $2,000 to $16,000. More, depending on the size of your home, how old your home is, and the type of material you’re willing to use for the renewed pipes.

How Much Does the Plumbing For A Bathroom Renovation Cost?

Bathroom renovation can require any number of plumbing services; hence it is impossible to give an estimation of the cost. However, people looking into renovation can find out individual costs of various installations and then plan their budget accordingly.

Here’s a list of various installation costs in Canada:

Water Heater Installation Cost in Canada

Water heater installation Cost in Canada

$700 – $2,500

Water Main Installation Cost in Canada

Water Main Installation Cost in Canada

$800 – $1,950

Sewer Main Installation Cost in Canada

Sewer Main Installation Cost in Canada

$1,400 – $4,600

Faucet Installation Cost in Canada

Faucet Installation Cost in Canada

$195 – $460

Shower Installation Cost in Canada

Shower Installation Cost in Canada

$1,200 – $5,500

Bathtub Installation Cost in Canada

Bathtub Installation Cost in Canada

$1300 – $7,000

Sump Pump Installation Cost in Canada

Sump Pump Installation Cost in Canada

$846 – $2,342

Gas Lines Installation and Repair Cost in Canada

Gas Line Installation Cost in Canada

$300 – $1,000

Toilet Installation Cost in Canada

Toilet Installation Cost in Canada

$260 – $800

Garbage Installation Cost in Canada

Garbage Installation Cost in Canada

$600 – $1,000

New Plumbing Pipes Installation Cost in Canada

New Plumbing Pipes Installation Cost in Canada


Install Water Treatment & Purification System Costs in Canada

Install Water Treatment Cost in Canada


The cost of a bathroom renovation also depends on the brand of products you are using. The more expensive brands and products you want to use, the more it will cost you to renovate your bathroom.

How to Avoid Overpaying for a Plumber in Canada?

Without proper knowledge and understanding of the repair and installation process, it’s easier to fall into the overpaying trap. To prevent being overcharged and exceeding your budget here’s what you can do:

·Have the bathroom inspected and then ask for an estimated cost.

·Stay hands-on and active during the repair/installation process so you remain aware of all the materials that were bought and used in the bathroom. Watching the process would also keep you informed on all the work done in the bathroom.

·Ask the plumbers to come to you for approval before deciding on any costly procedure by themselves.

How to Decide Between A Master Plumber or A Journeyman?

Master plumbers have high costs and most of us refrain from calling them to avoid hefty charges. However, there are times when their presence is likely to save you from huge financial loss later on. Here’s a simple trick. Whenever you have to conduct non-emergency repairs and installations, always call a master plumber. Not only will it cost you less, but will also ensure fewer problems in the future.

When the situation is more like a panicky situation and needs an urgent solution, call a journeyman or an apprentice. They’ll charge less and will come more quickly than a master plumber with bigger projects to take care of.

How Much Does an Emergency Plumber Cost in Canada?

Emergency Plumber Cost in Canada

Unlike most other trades, plumbers are almost always required on an emergency basis. Some plumbing problems are such that it cannot be ignored and requires an immediate fix. If this problem occurs after hours, on weekends, or holidays, you might have to pay double or even triple the normal charges.

The emergency rates could start from $100 per hour and go as high as $520 per hour, whereas the flat fee can be anything between $130 to $455. Note, that the highest rates would only apply in the most extreme circumstances.

Conclusively, it all depends on the kind of plumbing work you require, the plumbing company you have reached out to, and the days you have decided to call the plumber. On average, a large and more complicated repair would cost you anywhere between $500 to $1,500. Small plumbing work such as fixing or replacing bathtubs, faucets, sinks, toilets, and unclogging drains can cost you between $125 to $800.

Per hour rates of most plumbers are between $45 to $150. Plumbers with a good market standing might charge up to 250 per hour. The flat rate of a service call is usually $50 to $200.

How Much Does a Plumber Cost in Halifax

How Much Does a Plumber Cost in Halifax For residential plumbing needs in Halifax, NS, the cost for a plumbing company can vary on costs depending on whether it is an hourly project or a flat rate project.

Let’s Wrap This Up

Now that you have a good idea of how much a plumber costs in Canada, you can plan your budget accordingly and enjoy comfort all year. Many plumbing services even offer a free estimate to help you make a decision. You can reach out to multiple plumbing companies within your locality and get a quotation.

Once you have a fair idea of the market rates, you can plan the plumbing work against your budget and avoid overpaying unnecessarily.

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